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Moana Nui - an ocean vastness threatened by deep sea mining

Virtual Ocean Dialogues 2020 : Communities, Ocean Value, Deep Seabed Mining Stories from the Pacific

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This session was hosted as part of the 2020 Virtual Ocean Dialogues by the Deep Sea Conservation Coalition, World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and Pacific Network on Globalisation.

The impending industry of deep seabed mining has focused its attention on the Pacific region both on the high seas through the International Seabed Authority and within national jurisdictions.

Proposals to date have been shown to be at odds not only with cultural beliefs and practices of Pacific societies, but also with contemporary marine legislation, economic and cultural activities such as fisheries and tourism, and commitments of all countries to reverse declines in biodiversity.

Outcomes and stories of civil society engagement with prolonged seabed mining licensing processes lay bare questions of appropriateness of deep sea mining in the 21st century.

In this Virtual Ocean Dialogue, stories from front-line indigenous leaders offer a Pacific people’s perspective on the “sustainable relationship” with a vital life-giving entity, Moana nui. As the world's largest single area, and largest ocean, Moana nui - the vast Pacific Ocean - is the beating heart of global survival of all our species.

Experts also explore the inter-connectedness of deep-sea environments and the rights of both human societies and nature in the context of exploiting the global commons.

Uploaded 8th July 2020


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