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Frontline Tonga voices against Deep Sea Mining.

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Frontline Tonga voices against Deep Sea Mining.

In 2014, Tonga people had little warning they were about to join the frontlines of deep sea mining.

Apparently lobbied by overseas investors, the government of Tonga passed a law enabling deep sea mining exploration without full public consultation.

Since then, civil society groups in Tonga have partnered with regional groups to engage the public, seek their feedback - and take action on it.

In this webinar, participants see the premiere of the Tonga chapter of the documentary series, Voices from the Last Frontier.

Video also on Facebook :

Documentary speakers

Taaniela Kula

Teisina Fuko

Sione Tukia Lepa

Ungatea Fonua Kata

Pesi Fonua

Dr. Kafoa Solomone

Webinar speakers

Pelenatita Kara

Drew Havea

Ungatea Fonua Kata

Mereoni Chung

1 hour 26 minutes 9 seconds

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