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Drawing the Pacific Blue Line - the Deeply Concerning story of DEEPGREEN

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Drawing the Pacific Blue Line - the Deeply Concerning story of DEEPGREEN

Deep Sea Mining is the latest destructive blue industry to divide up the last frontier: of our ocean floors for mineral exploitation.

Private multinational companies, facilitated by powerful institutions and their governments, have been enticing our Pacific governments with false promises of wealth.

False promises despite growing environmental concerns of destruction of ecology, livelihoods and the life-giving functions of oceans.

Technologies for extracting minerals on our ocean floor remain untested in terms of environmental safety.

Pacific island countries are already laying claims for vast territories of the seabed beyond areas of national jurisdiction considered the ‘common heritage of mankind’.

This is in addition to the vast tracts of seabed that is already held under tenements by transnational corporations within our own jurisdictions in the Pacific.

Dr Claire Slatter, a southern feminist scholar, writer and advocate points a spotlight on one of the most active private industry players DEEPGREEN and its operations in the Pacific. Dr Slatter looks at the insidious nature of private companies, capital, and the narratives they sell to countries in the Pacific.

Hosted by the Pacific Conference of Churches (PCC), PIANGO, DAWN and PANG.

1 hour 19 minutes 21 seconds

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